Air Conditioning

Like many people, you might think that your car's Air Conditioning system uses too much fuel and is just for use on hot summer days. Many people don't turn their Air Conditioning on at all for these reasons.


You might be surprised to hear then, that Air Conditioning neither uses much fuel or is just for those hot few days of the year.


The system acts as a dehumidifier, taking moisture out of the air when your windscreen mists up. Direct your Air Conditioning to the screen and you'll be surprised at how quickly it clears.


During the colder months, your Air Conditioning will work just as well at clearing your screen when it's set to hot.


As for Air Conditioning systems using more fuel, this is only true if the system hasn't been recharged within the past 2 years or has a leak.


This is because the system will have to work much harder to cool the cabin with the little refrigerant it has.


If you follow the manufacturer's advice and get your system checked and serviced every 2 years, your Air Conditioning system will use less fuel on a motorway journey than having your windows open.


So keep your cool all year round, pop into AJM Car Repairs and let us service your Air Conditioning System for just £45+VAT.


If you need any help or advice then Please contact us and we'll be more than happy to help.